Deciding to Specialize or not

July 19, 2015

Many of us who began designing or coding before this big boom in the industry started as a generalist. Things were much different in those days. A lot of us wore many hats. It was no such things as all of these different titles like UI Designer, UX Designer, Front End Web developer. It was no such thing as only doing a specific type of website, for example doing Wordpress websites or working for specific industries.

Honestly I think everyone is being … Read More

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Taking the leap. Going Independent

July 19, 2015
Road Sign with DREAM JOB and Sky

Many of us dream of the day we could work for ourselves. Nothing sounds better than being your own boss, having your own clients or products that’s bringing in a steady income, or being location independent. These things are what we want to gain by being our own boss. A lot of designers and developers are stuck at jobs because its the “normal” thing to do, and let me tell ya, a lot of them hate it.

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What’s next after learning the basics of a programming language

July 17, 2015

Beginner developers sometimes face an issue. After learning a programming language, whats next?
One of the problems seems to be that none of the current educational material actually takes you beyond whats needed to know about the basic fundamentals of their language of choice. Now I cant speak on all programming languages, but I have notice certain books or video tutorials doesn’t really explain much beyond syntax besides writing simple scripts, such languages like javascript makes it hard to continue with the language without … Read More